The Year I Live Determinedly

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For the last six months, I’ve worked at a Great Place. GP seems to treat their employees wonderfully, the job is…Well, I mean it’s not terribly interesting because I’m kind of like the assistant to everyone else. But I still think it’s fun. They let me listen to my iPod basically non-stop, if I want to. And there’s a fitness facility there that offers classes. I’m basically in love. I’m currently a temp, but I’m hoping to at least extend my contract with them for another year.


I’ve worked at other places that I thought were pretty great, mind you. But it seems like there’s always someone who seems to live for their vacations. You know, they type of person who lives constantly by “Another Day Another Dollar.”


Hell, I’ve been that person at other jobs. Living for the weekend or the three weeks I’d take off at the end of the year. (Back when I was super smart about my vacation time. Man, that was actually really smart of me at the time. Way to use floating holidays, Amber.)


But, see, I don’t want to be that person anymore. I don’t want to just kind of exist in between week-long vacations from work.  You know what I mean? I don’t want to continue working these kind of dead end 8-5 jobs that don’t really help make me happy.


Life is short. Look at what you did in the last day. The last week. Is that what you want your legacy to be? For a lot of people, it is. They’re happy, they love their life. It’s not for me. So I’m trying to push myself harder, create the life I want to live. I want to be a full-time author. I want to own my own house and finally move past the big mistakes I’ve made in the past to have a better life.


So I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. And I’m jokingly referring to this next year as the Year I Live Determinedly.


Which isn’t a great title. And is basically the same thing as saying this is the year I’m fully of intent. I could call it the Year I Live Intently. But whatever. I don’t care. I know what I mean.


It means I’m more focused on blogging, on writing my books. I’ve been sitting on my fantasy novel – which is ALMOST FINISHED – for well over a year. I wrote an ending! It just needs some new scenes added and some character changes! I keep talking about Benson Beach and reworking it and reworking it. But this year I’m going to actually launch it in October. (Date to be determined.)


So, I offer you to check back in for updates. Don’t have time to check in? Sign up for my newsletter. I’ll send updates to those people, along with a free short story on the first of every month.


I’m tired of just floating along, just kind of existing. I want to actually be and do something that I’m proud of.

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